The Best Cloud Services Companies around the World

When you have a cloud services provider, they probably help you to store and recover your databases in the digital world.


When it comes to cloud services providers, there are many companies offering to the clients. You probably have tons of options to pick the one, but you still confuse which company is well-deserved reputation and which one is suitable for your business at once simultaneously. In case you have the similar wonder, you are coming to the right place. I/we will help you have a solid understanding of these providers. Take ahead!

The best cloud services providers from countries to the world

1. Microsoft

Microsoft increases many great analytics on cloud services such as storage, disaster recovery, and visible IT infrastructure. Furthermore, Microsoft also provides the hosted services which are cloud storage and SkyDrive. Thus, it is quite simple to use Microsoft Office applications from other devices with the Internet connection.

Their cloud services could be made to help the requirements of managing large database volumes, conveying a remote workforce to another winning team, and improving productivity as well. The three main cloud computing solutions also add Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics, CRM, and Microsoft Azure designed by Microsoft.

2. Amazon

Amazon is also rated one of the best cloud service providers. On the one hand, the subscription prices are reasonable compared to other rivals. Amazon is also the main player in the IaaS market. This place has several hosting solutions for choosing from.

For example, music streaming services, visible desktop space, and desktop running applications, Amazon often has a high score on the cloud market. Today, Amazon has many clients and serves more than 190 countries around the world.

Their clients do not have to use hardware equipment, and they can access the cloud in a few minutes only. Amazon also is a pioneer of the Simple Storage Service (S3) for standard object storage as well as the Elastic Block Storage for big storage volumes.

3. Google

Google is also a common example of a cloud service provider which offers many high-quality solutions. They give some excellent services such as free cloud storage, Google Drive storage, standard object storage, etc.

Their cloud services are made with the most efficient applications which commit all users with highly convenience features. Google also produces other aspects like Android, OS X, Windows, iOS, etc. so that all users can use on the computer and other smart devices.

Additionally, Google also provides some special cloud services with useful products such as Google App Engine, BigQuerry, Google Compute Engine, etc.

These supports to application development structure, big database analysis tool, and cloud-based machines. Thus, Google Cloud is suitable for many clients are willing to use the cloud services for storage, application development, etc.

4. IBM

IBM provides many cloud solutions, and the SmartCloud solutions are one of the most common services that they have. These contain other services known as cloud-based application infrastructure and development.

IBM also cooperates with other partners, and these partners make various cloud services with extra features such as backup, storage, and recovery, etc. to expand their services in the big cloud storage market.

5. Rackspace

Rackspace gives the cloud storage with excellent supplementary services like compute infrastructure and CDN – content delivery network. The Cloud Block Storage also creates high-quality performance storage that is supported by excellent features.

The company also serves on the OpenStack greatly which is the opening source design and development. Rackspace also makes suitable cloud services for all users to integrate with OpenStack smoothly. The structure of the OpenStack has some specific elements which control storage, visible applications, and networking resources.

How to select a cloud service provider

Once you have known some top cloud services providers, you should not select a company immediately. At this time, you need to take into account some standard criteria before making your final decision.


This is the first factor everyone should stay focused on even if they are running a business or not because their information might be stolen under any circumstance. As a business owner, you have to pay attention to this point to save some important databases.

What to look for a cloud service provider? You could find out the mechanisms they use to store your applications and databases as well. Furthermore, you also need to understand some specific areas which each party is responsible. Be sure to ask as many details as you can because you must understand all concerns you probably have.


You should select a cloud architecture structure which may support you meet all compliance standards to apply to your business. Whether you have SOC 2, PCI DSS, HIPAA or other platforms, you need to understand how to gain the compliance when both your database and applications are published in the cloud infrastructure.


Each services provider supports different management tools and integrates with other services. If the cloud services are necessary to your business, you will need to ensure that the provider you select gives a simple way to integrate.

Moreover, you will want to identify how much time and effort you or your team have to control many things of the cloud infrastructure before choosing a cloud service provider. Takes time to recognize what cloud structures will be required to handle.


As the security, support is also crucial point to draw attention to choose a cloud services company. In some situations, you often need help from the cloud service provider. You cannot ask for help from other companies or other persons because your databases will be discovered. So, contact the provider through a call center or live chat system is a smart choice.


It is not difficult to choose a cloud services provider as there are several companies around the world. I/we have recommended some reliable providers for you to select, but be sure you need to consider some points before making a final decision. You should also communicate to the specific provider on a regular basis to be sure that they understand your targets and support you to boost your business.

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