Big Data Security Is Heading Toward Security Breaches

The constant release of big data software along with the volumes of data under management, the market is ripe for a massive security breach!

Surveys taken last year discovered very few businesses have taken their infrastructure security seriously.  When asked about Hadoop, only 2% of people considered them a leading concern.  CIOs can pray until the cows come home but if they keep turning their backs from possible security threats, it'll all be in vain.

Unfortunately, many businesses are quite unaware of the threats to security with big data platforms such as Hadoop.  Experts have stated that they cannot believe that people think this platform is secure.  At every level, vulnerabilities are standing out and the level of data itself, there should be serious concerns.

Many leading experts believe that after enabling the security settings in Hadoop, business owners haven't a clue if their big data is secure or not.  The experts are not 100% satisfied and believe a great deal more work needs to take place on Hadoop to improve their security.

Others have stated that while Hadoop is aware of the need to protect data confidentiality in Hadoop clusters, there is continuous limited attention to data integrity.  Security on Hadoop often does not become implemented, claiming complexities or are just being ignored.

Hadoop is the leader of big data infrastructure with a great deal of time and attention being given to them.  If they cannot come up with sufficient security, despite petabytes of sensitive data flowing into their clusters, there is a very serious situation of security problems across the platform.

The bottom line, the longer a software is on the market, the more likely it's vulnerabilities will be discovered.  This is especially true with open source software that can dig into source code before and even after these vulnerabilities are detected.

That said, big data infrastructures will not sit still long enough for vulnerabilities to be discovered.  You cannot base the assessments of Hadoop that are over a year old as existing portions are maturing and new ones are being put into place.

It is believed by some that larger security issues will surface as Hadoop goes mainstream.  It's not just Hadoop either, it's Spark, Kafka, and many other fast moving data infrastructures.  With surrounding controversies, many of Hadoop's vendors are distancing themselves.

Businesses need to come to the same reality that everyone else knows.  Threats of breaching security on the internet have been taking place for some time now.  Big data must be safe and secure, it's the lifeline of a business.  All businesses, organizations, and corporations must start taking this very seriously and securing the business success and ensure they big data is safe!

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