Godaddy Hosting Review 2018 and amazing facts

If you want a low-priced but trustworthy web hosting, then try out Godaddy, which is not only fast but also smooth. Take a look at Godaddy Hosting review now!

If you seek the cheap hosting, then Godaddy owns the best web solutions for all small-business sites. It doesn’t have the standard website builder but also the free access to Weebly. In other words, anybody can freely create a site with its drag-and-drop feature.

However, according to some of their customers, Godaddy hosting plans and even add-ons can be confusing a little bit. Take a quick look at Godaddy Hosting review today to know the truth about their uptime, loading time, data, and the overall customer service.

Why is Godaddy worth your second look? 

Obviously, there are multiple choices in term of web hosting. But if you’re seeking a way to reach millions of customers globally, then Godaddy is worth your second look. Looking back to its story, we know that a team of IT experts built Godaddy long time ago.

They didn’t fail to set the stage for a brand new standard in the web hosting industry at that time. And the mission of Godaddy is to make their customer experience 100% satisfaction. Sure enough, Godaddy owns good web hosting experience on different systems and platforms (Linux or Apache). Stay still since we’re going to tell you why this company needs to show up in your success story.

1 - High reliability 

Godaddy can be relied upon, and the reason is that each account arrives with the high-end and advanced Intel-based servers. This allows greater stability and lifted up-time. Besides, Godaddy is stated to take these servers seriously and monitor them 24/7.

It’s considered a good thing since once any down-time takes place, you’re likely to lose businesses that might be millions of dollars. Even though you’re suffering issues related to your hosting account and other sites. These won’t be up, Godaddy owns some specialized technicians to support you at once.

Control panel of Godaddy 
The company is proud of its specialized support team to handle any type of query via live chat, email, and phone. So the service sounds good, doesn’t it? You only have to wait for a half minute before getting a concise and precise reply from the agent. You can access such reliable online web support from the Godaddy control panel.

2 - Good staff 

Qualified staff will help you for sure. In reality, the most common issue that everyone often encounters is the web hosting. It means that some hosts won’t be able to solve the issues. However, it’s not the case of Godaddy. They have employees who are truly qualified and have some essential certification to handle your issues.

3 - Built-in e-commerce 

Godaddy provides you with a built-in online store. And to get it started, you can choose to click the ShopSite Starter symbol to enable it. It might take you a few minutes to turn on, but when it comes to setting up the online store, it’s the easiest thing to do. How come? You have to walk through multiple steps in one process for page development, product definition, and payment option setup.

Though its wizard might seem a bit old-fashioned, the optional templates have a modern look. However, the starting plan of Godaddy support the color from the palette. It bears several features that can make the best of your e-commerce store. Though they don’t own any advanced hosting plan, the shared hosting still comes with some handy e-commerce capabilities.

These consist of PayPal Integration and a wide range of shopping carts to opt for, form the OpenCart to Zen Cart.

4 - Great marketing services 

Having some extra services that include search engine optimization, website design, and pay-per-click advertisement. Godaddy offers you a particular quote for any of these services after giving you a free consultation. To help your website rank much better in all search engines, Godaddy will help build up god backlinks and the metadata for the sites.

Besides, you can have the pay-per-click professionals for the search engine marketing purposes. Not only that, the web designers would create a fully-customized and exclusive website for you. It’s considered one of the best services for those who need nothing to do with the struggle of changing a pre-designed theme so that it can look exactly what they like.

5 - Auto Installer  

Godaddy makes it much easier for you to work even when you have no idea how to set up WordPress on the domain. You can choose from a large list of apps which can be set up with ease on your domain just with a few clicks. Besides, Script installer will make things easier than ever when it comes to importing or exporting the installations.

It’s fine to manage all installations, from editing to removing them at any time you like. If you plan to set up the WordPress’ hosting on the domain of your own, then Godaddy will configure the W3 Total Cache plugin beforehand. 

What’s not good about Godaddy  

Apart from the good points we’ve mentioned above, Godaddy still has some bad things to complain. And here they are:
  • Poor loading speeds on the page. 
  • Expensive renewals 
  • Costly domain names 


Godaddy is widely recognized as a budget-friendly web hosting provider that makes it much easier for those who are on the tight budget. It offers us the similar features and even quality that the other web hosting agencies provide. Aside from this, Godaddy owns a user-friendly look that has all kinds of features you want to build the website.

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