Hosting HostGator Review 2018 - Have you known all of these secrets?

HostGator is a well-known hosting provider on the market, but some people still love or hate it for some reasons. Here’s a review on their service.

Founded in 2002, HostGator has been gaining more than 89% customer satisfaction and even 12,000 servers in total. These statistics show that it’s always one of the biggest and most popular web hosts. Even if web hosting is not your main business, but as a business owner, it’s still best to understand what a hosting service really offers to make the wise decision for your business.

In this HostGator review, we’re going to focus on the pros and cons of its Wordpress Hosting service. This allows you to find out the best host for any particular situation of your own.

HostGator Web Hosting Vs. Wordpress Hosting 

Here’s what you shouldn’t miss after deciding to use HostGator: WordPress Hosting feels messy at times.
  • WordPress is merely software that runs on any Linux server, and it can only operate well on web hosting service.
  • WordPress indeed avails a few server resources at a rate that is above the standards while others might stay at a lower rate. 
  • WordPress owns some sorts of predictable issues and needs. These demands will get updated on a regular basis. 
  • A few plugins build up some vulnerabilities in security temporarily. 
  • Therefore, most hosting agencies often see a chance to make up a great number of servers with just WordPress sites. 
  • It’s because they get together all the time, they might offer the dedicated assistance and a few of the add-on services at a reasonable rate. 
WordPress Web Hosting bears some predictable problems  
For some certain companies, these plans turned out to be a good way to raise revenue and lower costs with just a little value. For other agencies, these hosting schemes can be a way for us to create a large value-add to make them different from other rivals and then pass the savings to clients. For other firms, it’s said to be a mixture. However, for most of us, this can be a mess. 

Let’s take a deeper look at some positives and negatives that can tell you more about those tradeoffs primarily with the web hosting service of HostGator.

Pros of HostGator’s Web Hosting 

1. Great service and Uptime 

HostGator is well-known for guaranteeing 99.9% uptime, which is stated eight downtime hours annually. Until now, you might be surprised that you haven’t got any. Apparently, HostGator owned its issues before. This is indeed compared to GoDaddy, which ensures the similar thing. However, HostGator could deal with ten thousands of sessions on your server for one hour.

Once logging in to the chat, your questions will be surely answered at once, which is completely amazing. It also offers a great number of support channels and has a large extent of knowledge. This would make us give them a high score for the overall service.

2. Transfer and QuickInstall 

One of the most intimidating parts of installing a website is how we start it up. HostGator owns several channels to start off on the right foot. As it comes to both their website transfer service and QuickInstall scripts, they’ve been great most of the time. Besides, they offer a good money-guarantee within 45 days. 

3. Unmetered databases 

Another bonus that can be found in HostGator’s plans is that it provides nearly unmetered everything, except its Hatchling Plan. This would give us the limitless things, but then place a limit on your domain names. All of the so-called databases mean that we get to own as many installs for WordPress as you like.

Besides, each unmetered domain on both Business and Baby schemes here means that we’re allowed to own an unlimited number of sites on the plan. Aside from this, you might see the unmetered bandwidth. It means that we can own scale, and never worry much about the rank of visitors.

4 .HostGator’s cPanel and other software options 

cPanel is certainly the sole software running the server’s backend. And this is what you have to log in to whenever you like to set up a site. Undeniably, utilizing cPanel is a big pro since no company owns it. If you compare it with GoDaddy, which has its proprietary backends, it would be a huge difference.

They can be easier to avail, but then you have to depend mostly on them for support. Furthermore, they’re very limiting and causing you to feel frustrated at times. For instance, so far, you won’t be able to edit any file permission via the FTP with GoDaddy at all. This is said to be such an annoying and time-consuming experience during the website design process.

Cons of HostGator’s Web Hosting 

Like other hosting companies, HostGator is not that flawless. Here are some overall negatives that make them not a perfect fit for some site owners.
  • It offers good support and tutorial as said above, but then it won’t do much to make the whole process appear easy. 
  • Moderate-quality site speed is another defect of  HostGator. Though this can be seen as a common problem for most shared hosts, it’s still something they need to improve.
  • WordPress QuickInstall of HostGator doesn’t do a clean WordPress installation when it arrives with many plugins that are installed automatically.


In sum, if you want to count on a trustworthy and reasonable open hosting company for WordPress website, you will succeed with HostGator. Hopefully, after diving into our HostGator review today, you could find out what customers like and hate about it so that can find the right solution for your business.

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