The Cloud-Based Platform – Best Solutions for All Today’s Businesses

The wave of the cloud-based system is coming to every business. It shows its best solutions for all businesses nowadays.


In today’s global economy, cloud computing is a comprehensive solution, providing information technology as a service. It is an Internet-based computing solution that provides shared resources just like electricity is distributed on the grid.

"Cloud computers” are configured to work together, and different applications use aggregated computing power as they were running on the same system.Cloud computing for business is no longer a novel concept that is becoming an effective tool for small and medium-sized businesses.

Cloud computing for all businesses

According to Gartner, a market research company in 2013, more than 60% of businesses around the world have implemented some form of cloud computing.

By 2017, more than 30% of applications worldwide (or about 48 million) will be deployed on cloud computing. Thanks to the cloud computing that customers can access the music database every day, watch movies online on the tablet, buy online, play online games, etc.

For small and medium enterprises, restrictions on investment in infrastructure are a major barrier to realizing the vision and innovative and innovative activities.

Cloud computing is the solution for small and medium enterprises to be more efficient, more economical and bring higher value in a shorter time.

For example, a construction engineering company usually takes two weeks to run simulations for a construction project on physical servers owned by an enterprise.

The company wants to improve the speed of its workflow, but investing in more computing power does not seem to be a viable option as such large-scale projects are not always available.

Also, the company moved simulation activities to a cloud-based computing model, purchasing more processing power than the current computing power on the company's physical servers, and they only pay for the time that the company uses its processing resource. The required time for the company to run the simulations dropped from two weeks to two days.

Clouding computing for modern businesses 

According to Tan JeeToon, general director of IBM Asian, cloud computing is not only a phenomenon of technology but also an innovative growth engine that helps businesses reach new customers in new ways such as infrastructure flexibility and cost-effectiveness of cloud computing environments.

In recent years, IBM is constantly transforming their business model by investing in high-value technology trends such as cloud computing, analytics, mobile solutions, and business on social networks solutions.

Adding Softlayer to IBM's portfolio of cloud solutions is a big step for the Group to bring cloud computing to new markets, new customers of all sizes.

Lower cost is a benefit often mentioned in the exchange of cloud computing.This is due to the inevitable efficiency of cloud computing models, which rely on virtualization techniques to leverage resources, resource allocation applications, and deployment of services to people based on high-speed lines.

A suitable enterprise cloud environment can be a private cloud environment that company has to a self-operating enterprise infrastructure system.

It can also be a public cloud in which a company purchases services from a provider that manages cloud computing.

Furthermore, it could be a hybrid cloud environment where some of the services are self-evolved while others are purchased from a vendor.Thus, the key to cost savings is knowing the core strengths of the organization.

While large enterprises often use their cloud computing model, small and medium-sized businesses often feel more attractive to the public cloud because they can capitalize on their infrastructure from a professional provider.

Side effects of using cloud-based system that you should not ignore 

Although the cloud-based platform has several benefits, it still has some drawbacks that every business owner should not miss out.

Applying any new type of platform will require well training and establishing a high-quality troubleshooting system for a while of using. Also, you will have to draw attention any trouble among your employees; especially those who always use tradition structure.

Moreover, when you use the cloud computing does not mean it is safe. Hackers always are willing to do their job to attack your data center at any time.

The key to solving these issues is that you should find the right cloud service provider and understand future events of a security breach. Also, you need to have a solid understanding as well.


The cloud-based system can mean big changes for all businesses; especially for small businesses around the world. Fortunately, those changes have been recognized by many business owners, from technology startups to urban or small-town companies. As a business owner, what are you waiting for a new change?

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