Top 5 Best Free Hosting In 2018 That You Shouldn't Neglect

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In fact, most of us love enjoying something free. It is the true and wrong point of view depending on the industry you are mentioning. In the web hosting world, it is available, and it should be welcomed for those who want to save lots of bucks on their wallets. The point here is figuring the top-notch service providers from other products on the market. Review the top 5 best free hosting in 2018 that you can miss out.

#1 – 5GB Free

Like its name, the 5GB Free can provide all users enjoy its free space when they go with it. The company pays attention to the security factor and updating new technology. For these reasons, the firm improves their centers and use CloudLinux to build the long-term system.

In 2014, they stopped advertising their free accounts, but they also gave more features at the same time such as 5GB disk space, 20GB of bandwidth, domain hosting, FTP account, The Gist, and MySQL databases.

Additionally, they enable to add 3 sub-domains for your single account when you register. Each of the servers has different functions. They can add domains to include more websites to their hosting account. Or they are a parked domain that will straightly point out to the home directory in your certain domain.

#2 – Freehostia

Freehostia has been produced about 10 years, and the company focused on all paid hosting packages. Their quality has been proofed by their ranking in the web-hosting industry with the best free hosting. Much reputable brand of the Freehostia comes from their steady and their reliable service so that it also builds the free hosting plans.

If you are going to use the Freehostia, but you are not sure much about them, then you could know what you will receive from them:
  • 6GB of bandwidth;
  • 250MB disk space;
  • No Ads;
  • Elefante Panel;
  • MySQL databases and PHP compatibility;
  • Domain hosting;
  • 3POP/IMAP accounts.
Furthermore, the Freehostia can provide all customers 24/7 support. The response time from the customer service is about 1 hour. With a free hosting account, it is an incredible deal. Thanks to the Elefante installer, you can download any script from Word Press to PHP and phpBB without much hassle. Thus, you enable to upgrade the next plan by a single click only!

#3 – 000Webhost

000webhost is one of the oldest web-hosting service providers in the industry, and they always innovate to catch new trends. Thus, they have rated in the top free web-hosting service with nearly 14 million websites. When they began, their free hosting services are rich with features to make it possible to trust them for both small and medium projects.

When using 000webhost, you will receive these features:
  • 5 GB storage space
  • 100 GB of bandwidth
  • Unlimited domains and subdomains
  • Up to 5 email accounts
  • cPanel
  • Two MySQL databases
  • FTP Accounts
000webhost has some minor features such as SEO management and analysis tools, website traffic stats, several guides to help you run your projects smoothly. In recent year, they also begin with their power plans and new cloud-based infrastructure. In other words, all your files are safe thanks to their SSL certificates.

If you are a new user in the web-hosting and you need to use the service which is done, you will not miss out this provider because it is a great way for you to begin your journey.

For the experienced users, this brand probably gets other benefits for them in a number of ways. Because they give enough support from small to medium projects, you enable to establish your website and scale it to your plans when it begins to grow.

#4 –FreehostingEU

FreeHostingEU also has established for a few years, and they achieved a deep reputation for their services. In fact, they are a joint project that hasAttractSoft GmbH and comes closely.

There is no denying that Germans love these web-hosting service providers so much as the company always understand the customer’s mind on the Europe market. Also, their quality often suits the best free website hosting in this region.

Users relish these features from the FreehostingEU:
  • 4GB of bandwidth
  • 200MB of disk space
  • Proprietary cPanel
  • MySQL databases
  • FTP accounts
  • One Email Account
  • Domain hosting
They also give some free domains like .eu,pn / If you stay in the Europe region, you will receive other great features from this firm such as free hosting account (already registered domain), premium domain packages. It also offers several languages like MySQL, PHP, Perl, Flash, CGI whether you are using Joomla, Word Press, etc.

#5 – Awardspace

If you want to have free hosting and green credentials, you will consider Awardspace. It gives you CO2-neutral hosting with all servers working on the wind-produced electricity. The free plan offers 1GB storage with 15MB upload file size limit, 5GB bandwidth each month, and 5 MySQL databases.

You enable to access the online documentation at any time without much hassle because the customer service will answer your question within minutes. In the customer support, they have a live chat for clients to discuss with the service during the day and at night.


You have already recognized the top 5 best free hosting in 2018. Although they provide free-of-charge hosting plans or a part of them, it does not mean their quality is bad at all. Try to use one of them and get your own experience.

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