Top 9 Best Cloud Hosting Services in the World

Avoid an attractive trap with a cloud hosting service provider when you do not do your homework – find out the real side of the scene!


When you need to control something bigger like your client’s databases, then you should prefer using the cloud computing. Cloud hosting is a new type of hosting way for handling wider website or projects.

There are many options for bloggers, developers, and website creators to choose from a quality service provider about offering web-hosting services like the shared web hosting.

In fact, the simple way to begin with the cloud-based platform is using the shared web hosting. The key point here is you need to find a reputable provider to help you start the journey.

This is the reason why we are here to support your list out top 9 best cloud hosting services in the world.

Top 9 best cloud hosting services on the market: 

#1 –Amazon Web Services 

Amazon Web Service is currently the most powerful IaaS cloud service provider, but now they are competing with the two major technology companies are Microsoft and Google.

This company is a set of service that provides programmers with access to Amazon's ready-to-use computing infrastructure. Amazon's robust, built-in PCs are now available to allow anyone with access to the Internet.

Also, Amazon offers a number of Web services, but this series focuses only on basic building blocks, which meet some of the core requirements of most systems such as storing, calculating, transmitting messages and data sets.

You can build complex and multifaceted applications using the layered functions with reliable, efficient, integrated merge services provided by Amazon.

Web services exist within the cloud outside of your environment and are potentially very high performance. You pay only based on what you use without having to pay the initial costs and capital.

You do not need to spend money for maintenance because the hardware is maintained and served by Amazon.

#2 –Microsoft Azure

In this industry, Microsoft Azure is a serious competitor to AWS. With the strengths of analytics, personal archiving and especially disaster recovery such as data recovery, bug fixes to applications with their extended service packs.

Microsoft Azure is an open and flexible cloud platform that enables you to quickly build, deploy, and manage applications across the Microsoft Data Center global network.

Microsoft Azure is well-suited to be available and has a balanced load design and is capable of self-healing when the hardware fails.

You can use any language, tool or platform to build applications. And you can integrate your public cloud applications with the built-in IT environment.

#3 –Google Drive

Google's hosting service provides storage space on the cloud platform. For example, with the free up to 15GB, it allows users to store many types of data such as text, video, audio, PDF and on the "cloud" platform.

Google Drive with advanced Google Docs and Google+ support makes it easy for users to access and edit documents anywhere or share files with friends.

With Google Drive, you can access your documents anywhere and any iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone, laptop or desktop.

#4 –HostGator

HostGator is also one of the top 10 best cloud hosting service companies, it is providing hosting for over 1,800,000 domains, and about 200 employees work. This number has made a lot of people believe, and there are quite a lot of companies and bloggers are a reseller for HostGator and also use their services.

However, the $3.96 package is limited when you can only host a single domain, if you want unlimited, you have to pack another package for $7.95.

#5 –Inmotion

Inmotion hosting offers a variety of hosting services, affordable hosting packages for individuals, VPSs, servers and hosting packages for businesses.

Even the cheapest package of Inmotion hosting ($3 per month) is also provided with utilities such as Backup, Website builder, spam protection, etc.

This service provider is rated by CNET as the top three in the industry and considered the official CNET service.

Reasonable price, fast server speed, stable hosting, good customer service, Inmotion is one of the few companies with Max Speed Zones service that allows your website can load faster. In addition, Inmotion is also a reputable and quality VPS provider.

#6 – Bluehost

When it comes to naming well-served reputation, Bluehost Cloud Hosting is one of the most popular web-hosting service providers.

This service vendor has become the biggest brand name in the WordPress hosting as a popular hosting service provider. It offers service more than 2 million websites from countries to the world.

With several features in each plan, this provider is available for both starters and experienced users.
Bluehost is a worthy investment at the reasonable price point, to begin with, a host and infrastructure at once. Your websites can meet all standards of many searching websites like Google.

#7 –Dreamhost

DreamHost is also one of the reputable and quality host providers. The number of bloggers and webmasters using DreamHost is quite high. However, compared with BlueHost, the price of DreamHost is a bit pricey.

The great thing about theDreamhostis it has a great reward policy, you cannot spend money hosting if you introduce the Dreamhost to your friends or other new users.

#8 –Vultr

Vultr is a cloud computing provider which gives the high-performance SSD cloud servers around the world.

They always improve their services to make a reputable company for all developers and webmasters. Thanks to a high-quality platform, they enable to create the most reputable service for all clients.
Today, Vultr has more than 15 datacenters from countries to the world, including some cities in the US, Singapore, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Paris, Frankfurt, and Sydney. They specialize in fast cloud infrastructure with Intel-based machines as well.

#9 –Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean is a cloud hosting enterprise based in the US which designed the cloud-based platform for all developers. The company was found in New York in 2011 with many talented engineers.
Digital Ocean has more than 500,000 developers around the globe these days. They are one of the best cloud hosting providers in the industry without getting any troubles like hacking issues or co-operations reported.


Security problems are not a difficult point for every business with the cloud computing. However, this factor will ensure at the highest level when you find out the best cloud hosting services providers.
You know, like any service, there are several vendors around the world can promote this industry with attractive advertising information. You will get a trap if you do not discover high-quality companies in the today’s digital world.

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