Are you having issues selecting a public cloud service?

Many users experience some issues regarding making choices from the different public cloud offers available. The concern should be how you plan to use the service rather than which public cloud you have chosen.

I have frequently been asked by audiences during public lectures to identify the best public cloud service available.

The fact is that there is no perfect public cloud. After considering factors such as the performance, security, and reliability, there may still be some underlying factors that will hinder some features which you might really need from the service.

The best way to choose a suitable public cloud is first to identify your requirements and match these conditions with the public cloud offerings.

Many organizations overlook this aspect when choosing a public cloud and this is why they face issues. A majority of the businesses make their choices regarding public cloud services based on the offers proposed by the cloud services rather than considering how the offers can meet their business requirements.

In the real-life business settings, it is how you use the cloud that determines the value you will get from the service rather than the public cloud company’s reputation. This is why it is essential that you match your businesses requirements with the offerings from the public cloud.

Some of the common offerings from cloud services include machine learning, the internet of things, big data storage and management, while your requirements are basically storage and computing needs. This means a public cloud system which offers your requirements without the other advanced options will be suitable to meet your needs.

Some lapses in developing cloud projects include overlooking essential areas such as overlooking the need for security, selecting inappropriate workloads for migration, wrong governance, and other important services. In many cases, the issues which arise are rarely about the absence of advanced offerings by public cloud systems.

In conclusion, I suggest that your considerations when choosing public cloud services should focus on your business requirements and the overall value you will get from the public cloud is dependent on how you use the service.

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