Four surprise cloud computing trends for 2018

Since the dawn of the internet, there are many transformation phases in Information Technology. The advent of cloud computing has changed the manner in which organizations manage their computing needs. For chief financial officer and decision makers, it has become essential to stimulate strategies that will help them advance among competitors, embrace market trends, meet dynamic needs of customers and evolving techniques without scaling up the cost limits.

In the year 2018, you must not be surprised to know that recent research has found that IT leaders are expected to outsource more than 70% of their IT workloads. There will be rapid growth, many data breaches caused by mega-mergers in the cloud marketing, an increase in “dark horse” cloud providers.

Here are four shocking cloud predictions for 2018 that will help to transform your cloud strategies for the year:

Prediction cloud 1:

Oracle and Microsoft purchase

Both Oracle and Microsoft have enough money to buy it. They are both looking for ways to increase their cloud computing credibility.  It does not get better regarding “Software as a Service” model where third-party provider host applications compared to Salesforce. And the cash involved can be sponsored by one of the two mega enterprises for the next 20 years.

Prediction cloud 2:

A rash of data violations caused by idiots

We are aware that the National Security Agency put down a sensitive data exposed due to public cloud poor configuration. Presently there is no damage yet, but in the year 2018, we are going to experience an explosion of violations caused by some people. All you need to do is to know the URL, and you are right. This occurs not because the hackers were utilizing some unknown vulnerability.

Prediction cloud 3

Many cloud categories will come in soon  

We are defining cloud deployments because of the public, hybrid and private clouds. Presently, multicloud has been misapplied.  This semantic uncertainty is caused by the top leaders in the enterprise's technology providers, cloud-washing the popular used of buzzwords changing the cloud terminology stated by National Institute of Standard Technology in 2008

For instance, the vendor’s editions of hybrid clouds are mostly paired locally with systems in the public cloud, and they are part of the paired public and private clouds indicated by National Institute of Standard Technology. Also, the virtualized piece of servers is known as private clouds, although they might not be private clouds

It is essential for us to create new terms for other patterns and ignore calling them what they are not. You can check this space for more suggestions.

Prediction cloud 3

Most of the foreign cloud providers get a lot of traction

Presently, we are seeing many latest public cloud providers like Alibaba that have started showing up deals. The US government and most of the Global 2000 ignore these new providers. Governments and enterprises outside the United States including small US businesses will show interest to these providers due to their low costs. Regardless of the analyst firm, you pay attention to; Alibaba has exceeded Google in “Infrastructure as a service” revenue.

Finally, get ready for these four cloud computing trends in 2018.

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