Microsoft Is Acquiring StorSimple Combining Their Cloud Storage As A Whole

Microsoft will acquire StorSimple to improve their Azure cloud service.  The details have not been disclosed as of yet.  StorSimple offers appliances that back up business data to cloud storage services.  Their approach is a seamless integration of in-house storage with cloud storage which lines up perfectly with Microsoft's Cloud OS.

StorSimple's products will allow IT organizations to reduce their cost of storing data for backup and archives.  Their software and appliances will allow an organization to run hybrid storage systems with Cloud-Integrated Storage that combines in-house storage and cloud storage.  Their service uses Microsoft's Azure service and third-party cloud providers to run on VMware's cloud platform.  The software can be run by a web console or the basic components of Microsoft's Management Console (MMC).  The console is simply a framework into which snap-ins are added.

StorSimple has products that have been used by many different industries services including healthcare, financial institutions, manufacturing, etc.  Outside of their well-known storage management, they offered excellent data protection allowing clients to schedule backups then choose to store in-house or in the cloud very quickly. Cloud snapshots are extremely important in case there is a need, due to a disaster recovery situation, because it will replace backup tapes and then restore this information to either a data center or an alternative site.

Upon acquisition, Microsoft integrated StorSimple into their Azure product suite. There has not been a lengthy discussion how StorSimple's products will be integrated into Microsoft's line of products. StorSimple marketed a cloud storage gateway computer appliance known as Cloud-Integrated Storage.

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