What Should You Know about Shared Hosting?

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One day, your technical teams or the IT outsource recommend you use the shared hosting to build your website more and more. You have no idea about the shared hosting. In other words, you look like an alien to enter into another world! In this time, you discover everything about shared hosting first before determining the final choice of this plan. So, what is the shared hosting?

About the shared hosting

Shared hosting is one of the most common packages for those who are improving their web pages. Shared hosting permits several websites to use a single server.

Please keep in mind that each user will have a limit right on the entire amount of server resources they enable to use. However, this regulation can be defined by your hosting package.

Today, shared hosting is the most affordable option for your needs to boost your website no matter how you run in your niche. Please note that the cheap costs always have limitations that you cannot blame.

There are bunches of providers can offer the similar amount of space and storage in this industry, so it is crucial to find out a reputable brand to help you.

Understand the performance of the shared hosting

In the shared hosting server environment, many websites can share the similar program and software resources from a single physical server. A shared server may have pre-installed scripts and program which every webpage on the server have to utilize.

To help you have a simple understanding, I/we will take an apartment building image. An apartment building has several of private apartments. Each has a different website, but the building’s sources shared by each other like utilities and other benefits from the apartment.

Benefits of using the shared hosting

Reasonable price tag 

You may surprise that the regular cost for this hosting package ranges from $2 to $10 only. In other words, it is the less expensive hosting option you can purchase for building webpage.

Upgraded the package under any circumstance

Every hosting service provider has various levels of accessible hosting so that you might improve your hosting package at any time. This takes the shared hosting a good choice, to begin with.

Monitored the web pages as easy as you can 

Thanks to the built-in cPanel in the shared hosting package, you enable to control your website and drive the traffic without making a mess.

Not required technical maintenance

It is exhausted to do the maintenance process all the time; especially when it comes to your server. The technical maintenance task also has on your hosting package.

Negative points to use the shared hosting 

Slow loading time 

Most users often indicate that the loading time is slow when they use the shared hosting. After that, they try to use the dedicated hosting, and this is a true comparison between the shared hosting and the dedicated server.

Overload situation happened

When using the shared hosting, your server can be overloaded by other web pages which are sharing the similar server.

Not having a good run on your website for a while

Once your website starts to develop higher levels of traffic, you will recognize that it will work much worse!

Hard to find out the risk source to your website

Do you want to live in a place that you never know who your neighbors are? Similarly, you cannot find out the risk source for your webpage when using the shared hosting. Although this is not a casual situation, your website is not safe at all.

Lack of customization option

You will figure out that you do not have enough customization option to take the highest level of your website’s performance.

The difference points between the shared hosting and dedicated hosting as well as VPS hosting 

When using the shared hosting, you have to share a server with several websites. This will make an awful point that you cannot control the potential threat to protect your web pages. With the dedicated hosting, you monitor your server, and nobody could hack your websites!

On the one hand, VPS hosting performances some aspects of the shared hosting. It uses a single server, but the single server has to do separate function to the various virtual server environments. These servers run in all dependent hosting environments like the dedicated hosting.

When the shared hosting is not suitable for your websites

Sometimes, the shared hosting is not ideal for some websites or other server environments like large businesses with high traffic websites. Moreover, here are a few reasons to avoid using the shared hosting plan.


You may see the conflict between the hardware and the software when the website has high traffic in the systems.

File limitations

As everyone should think of the maintenance process when the website has high uptime percentages in the security of the server, some applications and functions could be limited. You cannot run some particular applications which are essential on your page.

Resource limitations

Though several web hosts commit unlimited resources, you will see it does not happen all the time when you read the fine print. If your web is more popular, your site bogs can break down in the server or the bandwidth is too full that your website has to leave.


The shared hosting is a good choice when it comes to the first period of time on the webpage development. It is also great when you have many new websites that can share the similar software and program. However, you should replace another hosting server when your website has more traffic in the long-term use.

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