Web-Hosting Troubles? How A Company Should Fix Them

Starting a web hosting business isn’t easy since a lot of issues will occur. Have you got web-hosting troubles before? Here they are and solutions to fix them.

Once migrating the site to a hosting platform, there must be some popular problems you will come across. And most of them would relate to the downtime, content, layout, and more. However, we’ve still got some great options to discover when having to handle such issues. Just take a quick glimpse at them now:

1. Your website has been uploaded, but you still see “Coming Soon” page

If you’ve just uploaded the website, but the “coming soon” page is still seen, then it could mean one of these two reasons:
  • The web browser is trying to load an outdated version of the site 
  • You uploaded the site to the inaccurate location on the web hosting 
For the first issue - loading the outdated version of the website, to fix this easily, what to do here is clearing the cache of the browser. But as it comes to uploading the site to the wrong region, the whole issue related to web hosting can become more complex. In this case, you must consider the two main things before moving on further.
  • Ensure your uploaded site to stay in the correct folder on the hosting account
  • Ensure to upload a valid ‘index file’ into the right directory. Normally, such files are often called something like default.html.

2. The website is suddenly down!

When making any further change to the site, it’s highly possible that those could bring your website down at once. We consider that it’s not the real case, meaning that you need to know one of the two basic things that trigger it:
  • The hosting company experiences the downtime. And the facile solution to figure out whether this is what occurs is giving them a call. Or they probably offer it online. 
  • There’s something happening to your domain name, and it changed already. This is all about DNS settings. But if you remain to be unsure about what it means, what to do is to get in touch with the hosting agency. It’s a faster way to handle the issue. 

3. All images can’t be displayed on the website  

As all of the images can’t be viewed, there are usually two reasons for that issue:

Your images can’t get uploaded to the hosting account of your own. If so, the simplest repair here is try hard and reupload all of them again.

The images are placed in the inaccurate folder. To learn where they need to be, right-click on the region where the images need to be on the site. Besides, don’t miss choosing one particular option like “Open image in a new tab.” Another new tab will open and let you view the URL of the site that is availing. Let’s move all images into that listing, and they just begin showing up.

4.  The site layout looks so wrong! 

It’s easy to tell yourself that this happens quite often: The website will be like that it’s only showing only the text and none of the layout or any design texture. Any of these hosting issues take place since the site’s CSS file is lost. So how to fix one of these common web-hosting troubles? Here’s our solution:
  • Try hard to re-upload the whole website. This usually catches a CSS file that wasn’t uploaded for the initial time. 
  • In case this can’t work well, let’s find out where the CSS file will be placed so that you can move it here.
So how to locate the CSS file? Follow the instructions step by step below:
  • Right-click the home page of your site before going to the “View Source” option
  • Toward the top of the site page, you need to seek a line that resembles like this: your CSS file’s directory
  • Ensure that the site’s CSS file is indeed in the directory displayed in that kind of line. 

5. When you have insufficient security! 

Security is an important element you must consider for the website 
With some certain problems, from hacking to the other theft, your site security is something essential you should include in a web host. When the site has already dealt with a hacking issue, this could be a sign that the web host can’t offer the right level of security you expect. Obviously, you must know that security is also about the kind of scheme you’re supposed to opt for.

And no matter whoever the web host tends to be, having a shared hosting scheme would often be the least safe option. If your business is still growing, it’s best to upgrade to VPS or the dedicated hosting service. But note that even with your shared hosting, you might have various levels of security for sure.

Come to search a web host that has a secure data. In other words, your web host must provide some certain security services, making it more challenging for other unauthorized parties to access your website. These web hosts will be the best if they can provide good backup services to guarantee that you won’t ever lose the data.

6. There are not many features you need 

There’s no need for you to compromise on all of the features you offer the clients since the web host will limit the capabilities. Will the web hosting agency allows you to set up the PHP scripts, Wordpress, Joomla, or other features you desire?

Feel free to consider whether it can provide Windows and Linux hosting or not. While the second one is more common, a few businesses choose to rely on the software requiring Window hosting, instead.

Any particular feature you want would base on your own needs. When you have to compare the hosts, it’s recommended to see ahead to consider all types of services you’re the most likely to use later on.

7. Your web hosting offers a poor support 

The web host should have supporting services 24/7
It does not matter what types of you own; it’s more likely to happen that you will soon need support at some points. Instead of asking a question about a certain problem, it’s better to contact somebody at once and get your problem resolved in time. When you’ve got a business, it’s much more important. The website-related issues will translate into losing your total sales and clients soon.

Unluckily, not every web hosting offers the trustworthy support. In this case, try to look for a particular feature that enables you to reach someone 24/7. The support we’re talking now is more than having somebody answer the phone. By the way, viewing the client reviews of the web hosts is also seen as a great method of assessing how strong the agency is in this field.

Our verdict 

There are in fact a few of the most common elements to take into when evaluating your web hosting or when buying a web host. It covers many web-hosting troubles without your expectation, so we hope that our post today could give you some great ideas on how to fix them.

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