How to Choose a Cloud Database Provider Correctly

Find out the true cloud database provider is like seeking a treasure. The truth is it is quite easy to stay ahead of this task when you know the wheels in a car!

In the cloud database field, this is various service providers to establish and serve customers on the current market. It also includes reliable companies and fraudulent organizations that you may not identify.

To select the right cloud computing service, you should do your homework first like making a list of reputation enterprises. Then, you need to view all and pick the final one. However, how should you choose the right provider? Do not worry about it because I/we are here to support you to do that.

Some factors you should list out and take into account before selecting 

Though all cloud computing companies have to satisfy stern standards to do business in the industry, there are 3 main criterions you should think of in advance. Once you need to ask some questions along with how the company continues to grow technologies, several important points you should never ignore.


Cloud database is a huge part of the digital area; security layers play a key role. If not, all databases absolutely disappear in a few seconds! Also, your client’s database can cause a myriad of issues and your patrons can sue you, I am serious! Thus, you need to find out the service provider which gives you the safest services in the industry.

Updated deployment 

Database dangers keep developing, so you need to have a service provider in order to support you go ahead all issues. The service you choose should give frequent deployment from the updates to the database management system. All new updates should also be checked before they are deployed.

Role-based access control

This point will help you define other categories of access to know the delegation and duties for the users.

Authentication approach 

Recognizing the authentication way will support your understanding that if the cloud database is solid enough or not. Microsoft SQL Server has 2 kinds of authentication which are the SQL and Windows Server authentication.

Encryption service

Why should your company need encryption service? Because this will add to the security layers and make sure your databases are secure while processing from one place to another place.

Certified for technology 

A high-quality service provider should be certified for technology such as ISO 27001 or the government’s Cyber Essentials Scheme.

Management level 

Is it easy to use a cloud database platform? If it is not simple to undertake, you will not control it smoothly. Although the service provider assists you in the use process, it does not mean you ignore this task. You should also enable to handle the machines in a few clicks only. Pay attention to the management selections and other available options.

Performance ability 

Performance is always a key component in choosing a cloud computing or a database solution as well.

You need to ensure that your service provider enables to do well. Find principles and fight cards to look how your new cloud solutions work in the market.

Server performance is also the energy that moves your database forward. Figure out these following questions to check out the performance.
  • How great are the physical elements? It is crucial to recognize which type of servers, RAM, CPU, and other storage abilities to determine the infrastructure underlying the DBMS. For instance, SherWeb gets excellent memory, high-end Intel CPUs, all-SSD networked storage, etc. to offer their high performance. 
  • What is the highest number of connections to the database center? Most providers probably set connection limits in each plan, but some companies do not do that. 
  • How is the internal network speed? Is it unnecessary?  Mostly, the database performance could be hampered by poor-quality connectivity and network latency. 


Draw attention to the quality is extremely important, but do not forget to check your budget and the service price.

It also means the total investments in this journey. When it is not tough to decide ops costs of databases, you should think of other price points such as the DBA work, backup and recovery, data integration, security, and data governance. Estimating those numbers take some searching to explore.

How to distinguish between the cloud and cloud computing

To be honest, I also confuse the cloud and cloud computing for the first place of knowing these. I even think they are the same and I do not need to find out further information. One day, a friend of mine told me that they are different. And here is the difference…

The cloud

Many of us use the cloud most of the time. In fact, this is just a buzzword when describing the Internet or intranet related to some kind of service or application provides. Thus, when you hear the term public cloud, understand that it is the Internet. Or the private cloud is your firm’s intranet. Typically, the cloud expresses to the public cloud.

Cloud computing 

Cloud computing indicates the Internet or intranet applications. It also means services that you regularly access, run, and monitor through a Web browser. This is because these services do not need you to download a program to your computer. You will save a lot of storage to do another task!
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Well, why should you need to differentiate two these terms? It possibly supports you to determine the best service provider on your list! If you do not understand all points of a story, how can you do the right way? (in this situation is choosing the proper cloud database service provider).

To wrap it up

It is so cool to have several paths to drive your car, but you will lose your control to have no idea which road you should go. Similarly, the side effect of getting too many things is that you cannot make up your mind. This is the time you should take a rest, do your small (but vital) task, enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, and make your list. Before shooting, do not miss out your wallet is also waiting for you at the end of an option... a cloud computing service provider!

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