How To Choose A Good Cloud Database

What do you know about the cloud database? How to choose a right cloud database? Keep reading my today article.

As we know, cloud database has become more and more popular in the modern technology. However, I am sure that many users still do not understand the nature and benefits of cloud database as well as know how to choose a good cloud database. Therefore, in my today article, I will provide you helpful information about these issues, especially the way to pick a right cloud database.

2 main kinds of the cloud database

Nowadays there are two choices for you to make when you decide to pick a cloud database. You have to determine that your cloud database is run on cloud only or on premises.

In reality, this is a difficult question for many users since each option has its own strengths and weaknesses that you need to take into consideration. Both of the above choices are related to cost and effectiveness of the operation.

Many IT users prefer to take advantage of their old database system rather than setting up a new one. Nevertheless, there is surprising news to them as if their database is run on premises; it also can run on the cloud system as well.

At the meantime, some kinds of the database running on cloud only like AWS Redshift and AWS DynamoDB appear to be an alternative option for the database which just runs on the traditional system.

It is obvious that databases running on the cloud system only have superior capabilities in terms of cost and effectiveness. It can also solve some issues in a very fast way with high accuracy. Besides, the cost of applying the cloud database is also affordable. Therefore, it is a good choice for IT users at present times.

However, there is a certain disadvantage of the database running on the cloud system only. If you want to move information in your data back the premise mechanism, you have to change the data into premise system. To some extent, this can waste your time.

Of course, the benefits of both cloud databases which run on cloud system only and on-premises help IT users to save up their time and money as well. These two kinds of the cloud database also ensure that you do not need to overcome a period of converting the structure.

Criteria to choose a right a cloud database

Cost is one thing you should consider carefully before deciding to choose what kind of the cloud database you need. Apparently, it is not difficult to determine the real cost of the cloud database running on cloud only. Nonetheless, this is not easy to the cloud database running on premises.

Additionally, I think you also should focus on the management mechanism of the cloud database. There is no doubt that if the platform of your database is not easy to use, you may lose the ability to control it anytime. This is very dangerous to the whole controlling system as well as to your computers.
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Security is another criterion that you have to consider when deciding to pick up a cloud database. Undoubtedly, no one wants his or her system to be destroyed by virus or outside attacks. Thus, you need to ask the provider about this feature carefully.

Now it is time for you to search and find well-known database providers on the present market. In fact, there are various kinds of database providers which are different from services and management. If having a good service from the provider, you will have more chances to enhance the management and save up your money and time.

Searching for famous database providers will help you have more choices before deciding to pick up a cloud database. Remember that if you want to concentrate on the cloud database that is good at management or easy to use, you should only choose a good product for these points. Do not waste time seeing other irrelevant products.

I highly recommend you to choose some types of open database such as Apache Cassandra, CouchDB, MongoDB, HBase, and Hypertable.


General speaking, the cloud database has been more and more prevalent in recent years. If IT users can apply it successfully, the cloud database will bring many benefits. However, before deciding to choose a cloud database, it is necessary for you to know some criteria to pick up a right cloud database. I hope that my today article can help you understand more about this.

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