Is It Possible To Move Data Analytics To Cloud?

What do you know about data analytics? Can we move it to cloud easily? My today article will answer these questions.

It is obvious that data analytics seems to be a familiar technological term to many IT users. This method brings a lot of benefits for us in the modern society. Some people think that data analytics can be moved easily to the cloud system without encountering any hindrance. However, this is a wrong thought. My today article will help you insight into this issue.

Benefits of data analytics

Undoubtedly, the way that our data was analyzed in previous times did not attract attention of IT users as it caused many difficulties, wasted time and money, ineffectiveness, and high cost.

Nowadays everything related to data analytics has changed profoundly; it gradually becomes a helpful tool in the modern technology. Data analytics based on cloud system has the ability to make all things in a real time.

Therefore, at present many companies and corporations even small and medium size ones also take advantage of data analytics. They focus on using the prediction ability as well as machine learning mechanism.

Why moving data analytics to cloud is not easy

Some IT users think that when data analytics is applied successfully, its way to the cloud system will certainly become easier and faster. However, it is not true. This path requires a long process and time.

Even in some cases, it is impossible to happen. In other words, it is quite difficult to move data analytics to the cloud system.

Consequences of this problem vary in different fields. Technology may not fill the user’s expectation and data can reveal some unexpected issues. Thus, you need to understand why the way to transfer data analytics to the cloud system is so difficult.

There are four main reasons explaining why the way to move data analytics to the cloud system is not easy.

The first reason is transferring data analytics to cloud is an overwhelming task that requires a lot of power than we normally think. To deal with this problem, some large companies have adopted their own ways. Nonetheless, going through this cumbersome process seems to be a burning question to many people.

Another plausible reason for the above issue is data integration. In reality, transferring your data analytics to the cloud system does not solve all problems related to integration issues.

Besides, systems in your computers may still exist on the premises. This indicates that when you try to move the data analytics to the cloud system, it will result a bad situation where old and new transferring cannot converge together. This undeniably causes many negative effects on the structure and transformation.

As we know, data analytics which is based on cloud system is very complicated. To some extent, it is really difficult to move data analytics to the cloud system. The security mechanism inside cloud system is also very complex.
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Cost also creates a certain hindrance to the path of data analytics to the cloud system. Of course, you need to take this point into consideration carefully before deciding to implement it.

According to a recent research of the Forecaster in 2017, you you want to transfer data analytics to the cloud system with a huge amount, you have to pay more or less 1 million US dollars. Obviously, this is a too high cost for IT users. Therefore, it is not easy for IT users to transfer data analytics to cloud in an easy way.

Additionally, this work also is involved with restructuring the organization inside the cloud system. To do this, you have to spend a lot of time and money also.

Competitiveness is another obstacle to moving data analytics to the cloud system. This work requires a team of IT professionals to cooperate together. Of course, companies have to pay high salaries for them to fulfill this task.


In general, data analytics has been more and more prevailing in our modern technology. It will certainly play an important part in this field. However, how to transfer data analytics to the data cloud seems to be a hard question to many IT users. This work is too difficult because it is involved with high cost, high competitiveness, complex security system, and other surrounding factors. I hope that my today article will help you understand why we have difficulty in moving data analytics to the cloud system.

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