NoSQL Database In The Modern Technology

Have you heard of NoSQL database? What do you know about it? Keep reading my today article.


In recent years, there are significant changes in NoSQL database in terms of structure and capabilities. Therefore, it is time for you to choose a suitable type for the application. It is unquestionable that NoSQL database has superior abilities related to speed and flexibility. Of course, traditional databases do not have these strong points. In my today article, I will provide you helpful information about NoSQL database.

Key factors to a NoSQL database

When you compare traditional databases and NoSQL database, you will certainly see apparent differences. NoSQL database has striking characteristics concerned with the key, column, graph, and other necessary elements. However, the main reason why NoSQL database is preferred at present time is that it is especially appropriate for all sets of data and big data analytics.

It is also essential for you to know some key criteria to pick up a good NoSQL database.

First and foremost, when you want to choose a good NoSQL database, you need to determine exactly what your purpose is. In this situation, main stores are very important in the way data and information are exchanged in the application.  Meanwhile, if you want to have a tool for calculation and variable structure, the graph is necessary also.

And, if you look at the ability to collect and synthesize documents and data with high speed and effectiveness, I highly recommend you to choose a wide column.

In a short-term, you should concentrate on some aspects of a NoSQL database such as performance, level of convergence, security, and workloads support. Among these features, security is the most important one as it helps to protect core data and information from outside dangers.

NoSQL offers distinct levels of scale because each level requires a specific solution. Furthermore, if you want to support banking transactions on the market, a relational database may be the best option for users.

Popular types of NoSQL database

Nowadays, there are various kinds of NoSQL database that you need to know and take them into consideration before deciding to use.

Mongo DB

In reality, this is the most prevalent type of NoSQL database at present time. With high technological features, Mongo DB takes advantage of JSON to enhance its ability to open different sources and documents. At the meantime, the platform is stable thanks to a combination between the Gnu Affero General Public License and the Apache License.

This kind of NoSQL database is being used in all parts of the world, especially in some large corporations which have many employees and structures. I think main advantages of Mongo DB focus on abilities to monitor the software, solve some problems, and so on.

Amazon Dynamo DB

Another popular type of NoSQL database is Amazon Dynamo DB. It has a perfect performance in processing, analyzing, monitoring, and exchanging data. The solid state drive is implemented to do this task quickly and exactly.

When using Amazon Dynamo DB, you can control the application thanks to APIs and the Amazon Web Services Management Console. The platform of this NoSQL database also supports the use of other applications and social media.
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Another thing I want to mention in my today article is DataStax and DataStax Enterprise Platform. DataStax does support for Apache Cassandra in crossing data. The strong point of DataStax is its ability to distribute data at a global level. Besides, it also has striking features in terms of monitoring, analyzing, searching, and securing data.

In fact, DataStax supports and can be used in numerous kinds of database. Thus, it prefers to take advantage of the multi-program mechanism.

Couchbase is a vital element of NoSQL databases. It ensures that other systems and mechanisms can run smoothly and boost the speed of solving problems. Many companies and organizations take advantage of Couchbase to support applications in your computers and mobile phones as well.

There are also other kinds of NoSQL database that you need to know such as Blaze Graph, Helium, ThingSpan, and so on. Of course, when choosing what type is suitable for your application and the controlling system, you need to consider your purpose carefully.


NoSQL database has been becoming more and more popular in recent years. It is undeniable that NoSQL database has striking features and abilities that others do not have. NoSQL database can help you in monitoring, searching, exchanging, and restoring the data in an exact way. I do hope that my today article can help you understand more about NoSQL database.

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