When Should You Do for the Cloud Computing in Your Cloud Migration Strategy?

Do your business need to do the cloud computing? Check some points out in advance.

These days, several enterprises change to use the cloud platform at a quick pace. If you have time to participate in any IT seminars, you will hear this common buzz “what have you transferred to the cloud?” In fact, the target of using some part of your infrastructure to the cloud could have to dig out its method into your annual objectives. The pressure always goes on. Is this the right time to change to use the cloud computing?

Some steps may support you know how it is quick or slow, to begin with, a cloud computing

Choose a test environment 

The truth is you may not pay for threatening operations and revenues when checking cloud performance. Hence, you should find a non-production environment like the test development as it will not negatively impact your business.

You can use a historical database from your infrastructure performance controlling software to decide the complication and size in an environment. It will reduce the price; you feel more comfortable to start something easy and small for the first place.

Look for around

This is the time of reviewing. Read some articles about some big service providers first. By doing this, you will have a great background in cloud computing. Then, you can ask for quotes to get a good comparison in advance. You probably provide each supplier your summary of what you need at once.

Compare the quotes from each vendor

Of course, when you receive a lot of quotes, you need to make a comparison task. Why this company has a higher price than another one? What do they offer to your business? Put your glasses and your pencil to do this task.

Many cloud service providers are offering you some virtual resources, and you need to find out each point to understand the restrictions. You should pay attention to a perfect scam program! Let’s see an example. When you take the storage that you required, but the response time is such a slow and hindering performance. At that time, you will know that “hello, I find a cheat here!”

Use a trial

Hey, you often go to the shopping mall and go around to find out a beautiful dress. Then, you will come to the fitting room to see that you are suitable or not. Similarly, you should do the similar thing when taking a cloud migration.

Use a trial within 30 days to check the true quality of a service provider. Every advertisement always shows its greatest quality, but do not close your eyes to bring a stupid product to your home!

Make an action 

If you cannot seek 2 good providers during your first trial, you will have a bonus for the next step – making your move! It is a smart choice to break your workload between 2 suppliers. You should recognize that there is a trend for service to abrade over time. Furthermore, do not get too many providers at the same time as it probably has a potential conflict with your system. Take one provider only to give better service.
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Gather as many details as you can before walking. Then, you should walk before running. Estimate the database, understand your needs and requirements, ask the proper questions, and take the right approach. Therefore, you enable to reduce your threats and increase your returns on a cloud computing.

Benefits and downsides of using a cloud migration 


  • There are several issues which moving to the cloud migration ought to solve. Here are some general factors that will get benefit from the cloud computing. 
  • Your application is enhanced traffic, and it is more difficult to scale resources on the track to meet the accelerating demand. 
  • You should relieve operational prices when improving the effectiveness of IT processes. 
  • Your clients probably require quick application implementation and deployment. Therefore, you want to concentrate on development when minimizing infrastructure overhead. 
  • Your patrons want to extend their business geographically, but you reckon that establishing a diverse region infrastructure with all related maintenance, time, human, and mistake handle effort. These are going to be a huge challenge!
  • It is more expensive and harder to continue to your developing storage needs. 
  • Do not forget to set up a disaster recovery system to prevent bad effects later. However, this could increase the cost you have to pay. So, in my opinion, you should also consider your budget. Furthermore, it also requires a full disaster recovery plan. This system could be applied faster and support you better over your resources. 
  • Monitoring and updating your server software on a regular basis is a time-consuming task, but it is a worthy investment to protect all your databases and your client’s databases in a long period of time. Some cloud computing models are easy to control by several administration tasks like database backup, periodic maintenance, and software upgrades. 


It is so great to do a cloud computing for your business. Nevertheless, do not forget that everything has both sides and this is also true in cloud migration.
  • If your application keeps and retrieves sensitive database, you cannot maintain it in the cloud computing. Compliance requirements might also limit your options. 
  • If some of the technology you have depend on is licensed, you cannot move these on the cloud computing. 
  • Some operations probably suffer from built-in latency when using cloud applications on the Internet. 
  • If your hardware is handled by someone, you will lose some translucency and handle when debugging performance problems. 
Final Words

To identify the right time, you need to check all database on your company and view several reputations. Along with these scenarios, you should calculate your financial ability to take part in a new playground –cloud computing. Please keep in mind that, the right time of you is different from other firms, including your rivals. Keep up with your work (prepare for the cloud migration) as your business system has the proper flow.

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