Add some new flavors to the cloud.

If you feel your current life just like a circle with a lot of activities repeated day by day and nothing new added, you will be craving a huge change. You really need some entirely different flavors that make your day more lively. If you are in that situation, don’t hesitate to create your own bucket list immediately and to be ready to knock some of the changes of your daily routine. However, do you agree that it’s essential to not only individual but also enterprises? If you are working in an IT company and feel the same thing with your organization, indeed cloud computing paradigm, it’s time to make a revolution.

All you need to do is to think about which goal that you want to target and list them out afterward. Due to the fact that a well-managed plan helps the whole project run smoothly.

However, in case you are still facing some problems when generating new ideas for your revolution of the cloud computing, take a look at some suggestions below.

1. Is your company’s training strategy of cloud good enough?

First and foremost, you should review your cloud training program and question yourself whether is suitable for your company’s current situation or not. You can arrange a meeting with other co-workers who are taking responsibility for this project to list out strengths as well as limitations of your ongoing plan. You then need to classify which ones should you reject or not.

The next step is to innovate new training plan by producing entirely new concepts combining with developing the relatively existing ones. If your head is spinning with a sea of suggestions awash on the Internet and you still have no idea of a new plan, here are some that you can put your trust in.

In general, there are two main parts of a cloud training program for your next revolution. The content includes only two factors, the external and internal one. It means that there are two parties you need to cooperate. The first one is the provider and the other is your own enterprise. Let’s make it clear.
  • You should have a clear plan when working with provider though the most focal point is that you need to concentrate on one and only specific provider. You need to stop the idea of “the grass is always green on the other side of the fence”. There are some of the trustworthy providers that you can work with. They are Google, Microsoft, or Amazon Web Services.
  • When a provider is not a matter anymore, you need to focus on what you are going to deal with in your own company. A training plan on how to make cloud run well in your enterprise is an indispensable part. Make sure that all of the staff involved getting familiar with the cloud as well.
However, I highly recommend that run two above-mentioned plans at the same time in order to choose the most appropriate individuals fitting with their strengths as well as their niches as cloud developer, cloud architect, etc.

2. How is your database’s current situation? 

Regarding habit, a plenty of people are certainly afraid of changing. It’s such an easy-to-understand and common problem. Unfortunately, sometimes it fits me so well even I am a quite proactive individual and pretty eager to try something new. That’s why to force someone to alter their habit is not an effortless task. Indeed, in term of IT, particularly database, the enterprise is not willing to change and want to use a specific database instead. All they change is just a little, they still keep the same database used in on-premise though rehost them on the public cloud.

The fact is there are a variety of options available on the cloud, you can opt for one. It can be SQL or non-SQL databases depending on your need. (SQL stands for Structured Query Language and a SQL database is in charge of using SQL to query)

3. How about the security? 

Last but not least, the security is by far the most important thing in any IT organization. If the information is leaked, we cannot estimate how disgusting the whole company has to suffer after that. Unfortunately, the issue related to security is also the most common one occurring in an enterprise.

Whenever someone asks me for advice, I’m about to recommend them some solutions from my own experience. Firstly, you should know what and where you want to enhance. Do you need anything to be replaced? If my clients can answer all of these questions, I will then give them a plan to protect their system.
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With that advice in mind, I do hope you can choose for yourself the most suitable plan and make a huge change with the cloud computing in your company.

If you still have no idea of planning to revolutionize the cloud, bear in mind with the advice from expert from this article. 

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