Cloud Hosting and Dedicated Server – Which one is Your Choice?

Meta: Should you use Cloud hosting or Dedicated Server? It is a little hard to determine which one, but you will select your option from our post.


Many people have no idea about choosing Cloud Hosting and Dedicated Server. In other words, they still find out good points to be suited, and this becomes a hot topic in the IT world. Do not worry about that because you are not the only one to take into account. This is the time to identify each and determine for the upcoming time!

What are the differences between VPS Servers, Hosting Server, and Cloud Hosting?

There are 4 different types of Web Hosting including hosting, VPS, Dedicated Server (Server) and Cloud Hosting. The common points are that they act as a data storage center for your website; they differ only in storage capacity, control capacity, technical expertise, machine speed, ownership, and assurance.

Shared Hosting (Hosting)

In Shared Hosting (it is also known as hosting), your website is hosted on a server along with many other websites which can range from several hundred to several thousand websites. Typically, these websites share resources from servers like RAM and CPU.

At low cost, most of these websites run standard software that is built into the server. Hosting is popular not only because it is low cost but also because it does not require too much technical expertise.

The downside of Shared Hosting is that you do not have deep access to the system, limited when your website has high traffic, and your website performance can be affected by other websites on the same server.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting

A Virtual Server VPS is split from one server. Each server comes with a VPS server, but you are sharing the server with several other users, and this is a small ratio.

Each user has deep access to his or her VPS space and ensures a better hosting environment than hosting. Website owners need better security and speed control, but they do not want to invest in a server that might consider VPS forms.

Although the speed of processing better than hosting, VPS is still limited in this section.
If you choose the VPS service package that does not meet the requirements and your website performance, then it can still be affected by other websites on the same server. However, the level of influence is not much.

Dedicated Server (Server)

A Dedicated Server gives you complete control over the server you host. You are exclusive and can be rented to other users. Your website is the only site on the server if you want to.The only downside of this server is the price.

In general, servers are usually very expensive and are only recommended for use when you need maximum control and high-performance requirements. Also, you must ensure that you have certain knowledge to control the performance of the server.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting offers you an unlimited ability to handle large traffic. How does it work?If a group of servers (called clouds) works together, it can manage a group of websites. This allows multiple servers to connect to control traffic from any particular website within the managed website group.
Many Cloud Hosting packages are tuned to limit deep access to your system such as changing system settings and adding some software support.However, the cost is quite high.

Every server on the cloud-based system provides remote access service. With Linux, you can go to the server by root while you can Remote Desktop into the server and configure the server according to your needs when using Windows.

Furthermore, Cloud Server offers you a user-friendly Web 2.0-based management interface with full browser features such as reboot, power off, resource management, server reset, and other advanced features with just a few clicks.

Cloud Computing also uses Cisco's advanced security appliances and firewall systems that control incoming and outgoing traffic to separate the cloud system from the outside environment completely. Your databases and your servers are completely safe.

The registration and initialization Server completely automatically support you save their time. Just register the service and declare the server configuration information you need.  You can use the server in less than 10 minutes from the registration service.

Cloud Hosting and Dedicated Server – which one is your option?

To determine the best option, you should consider the benefits of using these servers first and check your requirements later.

Price tag

For Dedicated Server, you will pay between $100 and $1000 depending on your packages. Sometimes, you can choose the first cost is lower (under $100), but these arrangements are not useful.

You pay only for the amount of storage and using time if you consider Cloud Hosting. Also, there is not an extra fee as your payment is the whole package.


In fact, Dedicated Server is faster than Cloud Hosting, but you sometimes can get stuff with some harsh situations like computer slowing, unwanted files or programs. In other words, you should upgrade, maintain, and manage the server on a regular basis.

Additionally, hiring a physical server located at a fixed location like Dedicated Server, you have to face some potential risks such as natural disasters, storms, floods, fire, etc.Before starting Dedicated Servers, be sure that your computers have been upgraded and you probably buy new servers as well.
Cloud Server, on the one hand, has a self-monitoring mechanism for servers in "Cloud" and users will enjoy the benefits of automatic switching between servers when one of the virtualization management modules have problems and cannot connect.


When using Cloud Hosting, your databases are stored and retrieved at the same time from many machines on the cloud feature. Do not worry about the server crashing because your websites or web applications are still secure.

Dedicated Server, on the other hand, you cannot get a smooth backup, and your websites go down in the case of a server incident. Also, please carry in mind that your websites could not recover until the server is repaired and run again.


Cloud Hosting and Dedicated Server have its benefits and some drawbacks. Nonetheless, you still enable to select the right option when you ensure your needs, wants, and budget as well.

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