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Everything You Need To Know About Cloud Backup

The risk of losing data is dangerous. So, let Cloud Backup solve this problem!

The risk of losing data always exists around your system, they may come from viruses, system failures, enemy disasters, hackers, etc. All will be able to cause your business to shut down because of data loss. By 2015, 1.5 billion data records are leaked, and by 2016, 60% of all lost data will be closed. Let Cloud Backup service help you!

What is data backup?

What is data backup?
Back-up or data backup is a form of copying all the data in your computer, server or any storage device. One or more devices have other storage functions for data backup. When our main memory device loses data during activity due to damage, hacker, power failure,… we still have data to restore. As a result, it can limit the damage loss of the data resources.

Why do we need to backup data?

Data is a valuable property of every individual and every business. If you do not want on a beautiful day that “evaporate” due to broken or stolen machine. That’s the reason why you need to back up data.

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