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Another perspective about the IoT to the cloud hosting

The world of the IoT is not as easy as we thought. Let’s take a look at our article to learn more about it and how it influences the cloud hosting.

Do you know about the IoT (Internet of Things)? How many percents can you estimate its effect on your enterprise? This technology has burst onto the scene recently and a large number of companies are about to catch onto this trend. The list of companies involved includes not only small and medium-size but also Global 2000 ones. You may be curious that why they turn by turn bring the IoT to cloud hosting. The answer is that they might not be aware of how much it can harm their system.

Why should start-ups adopt cloud hosting?

Don’t let your start-up fall behind the game. 10 reasons below will help you understand why you should adopt cloud hosting.

Nearly 2 decades after its first premiere, cloud hosting has shaped the way individuals and organizations storing and handling information and applications. In the age of cloud hosting, information, applications, software, data can be stored in a big amount and shared within connectors with security. Cloud computing allows users to access their files and data via a cloud-hosted server, which means you no longer need to keep everything on your physical computer system.

Why should start-ups adopt cloud hosting?

Description: Don’t let your start-up fall behind the game. 10 reasons below will help you understand why you should adopt cloud hosting.

Nearly 2 decades after its first premiere, cloud hosting has shaped the way individuals and organizations storing and handling information and applications. In the age of cloud hosting, information, applications, software, data can be stored in a big amount and shared within connectors with security. Cloud computing allows users to access their files and data via a cloud-hosted server, which means you no longer need to keep everything on your physical computer system.

Top security threats of cloud hosting for 2018

Description: The trend of using cloud hosting has created many security threats for users and organizations. Let’s look at the top potential security threats for 2018

With the advent of cloud hosting, organizations and users have witnessed an enormous change in the way information, and applications are used, stored and shared. Besides wonderful advantages of cloud hosting services, the cloud has also posed several security risks and challenges that require attention from both users and service providers. How can we protect our private data in public cloud services without knowing what challenges to face?

Cloud security concerns need to be addressed to make sufficient decisions.
Being constantly aware of cloud security concerns helps cloud users make sufficient and instant decisions to protect their data and mindmap a strategy to adopt cloud hosting service. The top security threats below will help cloud users address their problems and develop ways to avoid them. 

What to consider when building a cloud hosting?

Description: Building up a cloud hosting can be a tricky question. Here are some tips for you to determine which cloud service is suitable for your business.  

Cloud computing services are no longer just an option for businesses. They actually play a vital part in the process of storing and circulating information within an organization. For those who just catch up with this technology, it could be a challenge to establish a right strategy for using the cloud system for your start-up. Below are a few tips which help you to establish your criteria and pave your way to this platform.

Consider your needs 

You should never jump into the field without prior evaluating your needs for cloud service. There are two types of cloud services: public and private clouds. And your task is to decide which cloud should suit your needs. Whether it is public, private or both of them at the same time, it is essential to list down questions and concerns that help build a map to the core problems.

Considering your needs to determine which types of clouds is best for your business.
The first three things you should put into consideration when it comes to public or private clouds are the type of stored data, types of software and the number of people using the cloud. The information you want to store in your cloud will help you determine which cloud suits you better. If there are personal, sensitive information, you’d better go for the private cloud. If not, the public cloud is enough. The same with the type of software and the number of involved people. The more people get access to the cloud, the less secure it becomes.

Why you should use Multi-tenancy in cloud hosting

Description: If multi-tenancy is not multi-user or multi-enterprise as people used to believe, then how to define and gain benefits from using multi-tenancy in the cloud? Read on to find the answer cloud hosting adoption has become a trend in the IT world. A report by IDC reveals$17 billion out of $359 billion in this field could be spent for cloud hosting in 2019. More than half of participants in Baseline’s survey admit their use of public clouds.

Among many issues of adopting cloud hosting, how different workloads are implemented and contributed to different types of clouds raises concerns among IT managers, organizations, and end users. There are two types of cloud hosting, based on the features of workloads: public clouds and private clouds. Small-to-medium organizations or start-ups tend to use public clouds for most of the workloads. Large businesses, on the other hand, swing between the two clouds. The key is to maintain a balance of distributing workloads between public clouds and private clouds.

Cloud Hosting and Dedicated Server – Which one is Your Choice?

Meta: Should you use Cloud hosting or Dedicated Server? It is a little hard to determine which one, but you will select your option from our post.


Many people have no idea about choosing Cloud Hosting and Dedicated Server. In other words, they still find out good points to be suited, and this becomes a hot topic in the IT world. Do not worry about that because you are not the only one to take into account. This is the time to identify each and determine for the upcoming time!

What are the differences between VPS Servers, Hosting Server, and Cloud Hosting?

There are 4 different types of Web Hosting including hosting, VPS, Dedicated Server (Server) and Cloud Hosting. The common points are that they act as a data storage center for your website; they differ only in storage capacity, control capacity, technical expertise, machine speed, ownership, and assurance.

Shared Hosting (Hosting)

In Shared Hosting (it is also known as hosting), your website is hosted on a server along with many other websites which can range from several hundred to several thousand websites. Typically, these websites share resources from servers like RAM and CPU.

Cloud Hosting And The New Generation of Data Storage

Whether you understand thoroughly about the concept of Cloud Hosting? Let’s check it in this article.

Cloud hosting is a fairly new term, so what is Cloud Hosting? What are the benefits of cloud hosting? In fact, Cloud Hosting works just like most other types of web hosting as we know, but the difference is that it runs on cloud servers so it's called Cloud Hosting.

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud Hosting is a new term for cloud-based Hosting services.
Physically, Cloud Hosting works similarly to the current types of Web Hosting.  Cloud Hosting also uses the same managed control panel Hosting as DirectAdmin, as well as configuring and setting up features such as Web Hosting. However, there is one difference between Cloud Hosting and Web Hosting is that Cloud Hosting runs on Cloud Servers (Cloud Server / Cloud VPS).

Top 9 Best Cloud Hosting Services in the World

Avoid an attractive trap with a cloud hosting service provider when you do not do your homework – find out the real side of the scene!


When you need to control something bigger like your client’s databases, then you should prefer using the cloud computing. Cloud hosting is a new type of hosting way for handling wider website or projects.

There are many options for bloggers, developers, and website creators to choose from a quality service provider about offering web-hosting services like the shared web hosting.

In fact, the simple way to begin with the cloud-based platform is using the shared web hosting. The key point here is you need to find a reputable provider to help you start the journey.

What should we prepare for AI in the machine learning era?

What do you know about Artificial Intelligence? How to prepare for this significant change in machine learning? Keep reading this article.


AI has been a familiar technical term in our modern lives in recent years. There is no doubt that Artificial Intelligence is applied in various different fields and will play an indispensable role in the near future.

Admittedly, how Artificial Intelligence will be used effectively and exclusively in business appears to be a burning question to many people. Regardless of what the answer is, I am sure that Artificial Intelligence sooner or later will replace a large number of workers as well as staffs in companies. Therefore, it is high time for us to prepare for this significant change in the modern machine learning.

The best concern for your cloud computing strategy

For your business, are you using the cloud aggressively or passively? What is the best concern for your cloud computing strategy? Find out more in this post.


Some companies and government agencies are actively making use of the cloud, while others are still passive for some reasons.

The problem raised here is the top concern for a cloud computing strategy. Whether you are applying the right “cloud spirit animal” for your business or not? Check our post to have a close look at this issue.

What is cloud computing?

First, let’s define the cloud computing. The cloud here means a network of servers which are super-powerful computers. Anything referring to “cloud-based” or “in the cloud” means it primarily lives online.

Top 5 Best Free Cloud Hosting Service Providers 2018

Are you looking for the best free cloud hosting services providers? So, this is the time to continue to read my/our post right now.


The cost of building and maintaining a fast-growing website can be a headache for business owners, especially small businesses or new businesses. Therefore, companies always try to minimize other costs including hosting. In this article, I/We will introduce the best free web hosting providers to help businesses easily and quickly save.

VPS Hosting and Cloud Hosting – What Should You Select?

Should you select Cloud Hosting or VPS Hosting? Check some major points about these before determining.


VPS Hosting and Cloud Hosting are one of the most popular web-hosting services on the latest market, but considering which one is a great question to rise. Should I choose VPS Hosting or Cloud Hosting? These have good points and some weak factors, so you should have a clear comparison of your mind before. Here are a few points that you may come across.

Operating environment

Regarding the operating environment, VPS Hosting is not different from Cloud Hosting. Customers will receive VPS and set up their functions as needed. Similarly, Cloud Hosting is a dedicated virtual server that is created at the customer's discretion.

Why Should You Use Bluehost Cloud Hosting in This Season?

Meta:Choose the right web-hosting service provider like you should find and select a suitable mentor for a start-up owner. And today, I/We will give you more information about Bluehost Cloud Hosting.


There is no doubt that all businesses should make their websites, but building a professional website is a tough journey that they have to come across. All reputable companies always have excellent websites to do business on the Internet.

As a business owner, you have identified that your website is an important gateway between your patrons and your business to interact in the long period of time.

Everything You Should Know About Cloud Hosting

Meta: You probably hear Cloud Hosting, but you do not have a solid understanding of this concept. You come to the right place because of this post for everyone to know more about this service.


In recent years, Cloud Hosting is a new term for hosting which has become popular. The major concept of cloud hosting is Divide and Rule. Although it has been released for a long time, still not many people know what is the Cloud Hosting Service?

In fact, they do not know how to intend to rent Cloud Hosting and use shared hosting often lose many of the strengths of cloud technology. If you have the similar issue about Cloud Computing, you should spend much time for reading.

Before inventing the Cloud Hosting technology

Computer models evolved over different historical periods due to the development of computer and communication network infrastructure.

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