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Shadow Cloud Computing Gaming Service On The Go

Description: A virtual cloud computing with Windows 10 interface which allows you to stream games online and offline may sound like a fantasy. However, Shadow PC from Blade has proved that it’s not.

If you ever want to use the Windows operating system on a Mac or Overwatch on cellphones, Blade has the answer. This French cloud computing service provider has introduced its latest technology called Shadow PC in an attempt to enter the US market. Users can now enjoy full accessibility to the cloud service with the Windows 10 experience. That way, they could install their favourite software such as Photoshop, and more importantly, enhance their gaming experiences.

The introduction of Shadow PC cloud computing service from Blade has left many people in awe. 
This approach has earned Blade some credits. Since most game providers such as PlayStation Now don’t notice the importance of unlimited access for gamers, and most cloud computing providers ignore this potential area, Blade is regarded as the pioneer.

Shadow PC specifications

Shadow PC offers users what seems to be a good deal: complete access to the could service with excellent graphics, farfetched power and so on. This is a good catch for many gamers since this virtual service could be a synonym to a $2000 PC.

Are you having issues selecting a public cloud service?

Many users experience some issues regarding making choices from the different public cloud offers available. The concern should be how you plan to use the service rather than which public cloud you have chosen.

I have frequently been asked by audiences during public lectures to identify the best public cloud service available.

The fact is that there is no perfect public cloud. After considering factors such as the performance, security, and reliability, there may still be some underlying factors that will hinder some features which you might really need from the service.

The best way to choose a suitable public cloud is first to identify your requirements and match these conditions with the public cloud offerings.

Top 5 Cloud Services to Make Your Website Faster

If you have been searching for a way to boost your website’s page speed and stop losing potential conversions, you should consider using a cloud server.

Cloud servers can help your site load faster with the use of high-performing servers, lighting fast processors and high-quality solid-state drive (SSD) storage. By using a cloud server application, you can boost your site’s SEO and customer satisfaction while letting the servers do all the work for you.

Many cloud servers will enable you to access customer service resources to resolve terrible errors. Using a cloud server increases the capacity of your hosting along with your business while ensuring security. Here are the five of the best cloud server applications you can use to improve your website.


If you need a cloud server application with high-performance hosting options at an affordable cost, LCN is the best option for you. LCN also offers free pure SSD storage and unlimited traffic at no extra charge.

Which Cloud Service is best for Your Business?

Cloud platforms have become very crucial for every business. I will have had to contend with many issues without a cloud platform for my personal use. But new business owners who are not yet familiar with the cloud technology may experience some difficulty in selecting the best solution for their startup in the crowded cloud market. Well, there is at least some good news; you will have so many options to make a choice. The following tips will help you make the best decision while considering the different services offered by cloud platforms.

What do you need from a cloud service? First, you should determine if a public or private, or hybrid cloud service will be best for your business. Some questions you should ask to determine the best services for your business include:

The Best Cloud Services Companies around the World

When you have a cloud services provider, they probably help you to store and recover your databases in the digital world.


When it comes to cloud services providers, there are many companies offering to the clients. You probably have tons of options to pick the one, but you still confuse which company is well-deserved reputation and which one is suitable for your business at once simultaneously. In case you have the similar wonder, you are coming to the right place. I/we will help you have a solid understanding of these providers. Take ahead!

The best cloud services providers from countries to the world

1. Microsoft

Microsoft increases many great analytics on cloud services such as storage, disaster recovery, and visible IT infrastructure. Furthermore, Microsoft also provides the hosted services which are cloud storage and SkyDrive. Thus, it is quite simple to use Microsoft Office applications from other devices with the Internet connection.

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