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7 Tips And Tricks To Store Things Online Effectively

Cloud storage features many Easter eggs that we might not notice. This article will help you unlock 7 interesting ways to store your files online.

Cloud Storage has been around for ages and it seems no one could deny its capacity and features. When it comes to cloud storage, several famous names pop up including Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, and Box. Names are different, however, all of them offer standardized services which enable you to store, access and manage your files easily.

How to use cloud storage effectively?
The question is are you really sure you have mastered cloud storage? Some existing features may be waiting for your notice. Let’s see how many cool things you can do with your personal cloud storage

Save Your Gmail Attachments To The Cloud

Google Scripts allow you to automatically set up the path for your Gmail attachments to your Google Drive. All you have to do is install Save Emails – an add-on that will help you save emails and files from Gmail to Google Drive. You can also use this add-on to save pictures, videos, documents, backups or anything from Gmail to Google Drive.

How to gain maximum benefits from your personal cloud storage

Today we will discuss cloud storage and how to gain maximum benefits from your personal option.

Nowadays, the question’s not whether or not to use cloud storage but how to maximize its tools so you can gain benefits from using the cloud-based system. There are many private cloud service providers to name: Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Mega and so on. Each of them offers public free cloud and pay-per-use service.

If you are just a newbie in the cloud world or you have been using the cloud since its premiere, it is essential to understand the functions and some tricks to maximize its features. Below are some tips to turn your cloud platform into something better, more powerful and secure.
Fasten your seatbelt, it’s time to step up your game.

Don’t ignore offline feature

No cloud providers want to lose their users. Therefore, they spend time and energy to make sure their servers are in good condition. However, no matter how reliable the server is, you could never tell when you will encounter situations when your files simply disappear for a while.
Imagine when you needed a specific file and you can’t find it anywhere in the cloud, what would you do? Or you were working on a file online and suddenly the internet connection is lost, what would you do? To avoid those annoying moments, all you need to do is to use available tools from the cloud to access your files offline.

Using the offline feature enables you to view and manage your files anywhere.
Dropbox, Google Drive, Mega, and OneDrive all offer their desktop and mobile apps, allowing you to have access to your data even without internet or in case of virtual system failure. Google Drive even offers desktop apps that enable you to process some certain files in Chrome without installing any additional software. Why not make a good use of it?

Increase the accessibility of your files

Since you can access your files and data almost anywhere with a smartphone or mobile device, you can increase the accessibility of the cloud by syncing parts of your computer’s folders to the cloud. Why does it help? Isn’t it better to manipulate your computer’s files irrespective of your location and device? You sure don’t want to synchronize all your personal data, but some basic system folders are a good choice.

Cloud Hosting And The New Generation of Data Storage

Whether you understand thoroughly about the concept of Cloud Hosting? Let’s check it in this article.

Cloud hosting is a fairly new term, so what is Cloud Hosting? What are the benefits of cloud hosting? In fact, Cloud Hosting works just like most other types of web hosting as we know, but the difference is that it runs on cloud servers so it's called Cloud Hosting.

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud Hosting is a new term for cloud-based Hosting services.
Physically, Cloud Hosting works similarly to the current types of Web Hosting.  Cloud Hosting also uses the same managed control panel Hosting as DirectAdmin, as well as configuring and setting up features such as Web Hosting. However, there is one difference between Cloud Hosting and Web Hosting is that Cloud Hosting runs on Cloud Servers (Cloud Server / Cloud VPS).

Google announces plans to review its cloud storage services

Upgraded cloud services will be launched by Google for all its users; this is welcome news because the new features will include better storage management and other related services.

One aspect of these changes Google is making in its cloud storage services that will appeal to all users is the reduced prices. Now, the new and better features of cold storage and other options can be more accessible to a wider range of customers.

How To Ensure You Will Have A Safe Cloud Storage

It can be a little risky to take your data to a provider's cloud platform. That said, various experts believe it's  not any more so than storing it in your own data center.  Risks can be a lot less if you do your homework and ensure you go with a cloud provider you feel completely comfortable with and you can trust with your information.

Stay away from storing sensitive data in the cloud.  Ask yourself whether certain information should be stored or not.  If you believe the information is sensitive, do not advertise it to the world.

Microsoft Is Acquiring StorSimple Combining Their Cloud Storage As A Whole

Microsoft will acquire StorSimple to improve their Azure cloud service.  The details have not been disclosed as of yet.  StorSimple offers appliances that back up business data to cloud storage services.  Their approach is a seamless integration of in-house storage with cloud storage which lines up perfectly with Microsoft's Cloud OS.

StorSimple's products will allow IT organizations to reduce their cost of storing data for backup and archives.  Their software and appliances will allow an organization to run hybrid storage systems with Cloud-Integrated Storage that combines in-house storage and cloud storage.  Their service uses Microsoft's Azure service and third-party cloud providers to run on VMware's cloud platform.  The software can be run by a web console or the basic components of Microsoft's Management Console (MMC).  The console is simply a framework into which snap-ins are added.

Cloud Storage – A Good Solution for Modern Businesses

Cloud storage is a great way to store all databases for all businesses in the digital world.


When using your computer, do you know that your hardware in the laptop is probably full? Also, you have other important databases that you need to secure and make a smooth backup plan as well. With a traditional plan, you have to take much time for doing this.

But now, there is something that can help you minimize the risk of keeping a database so that you do not get stuff with this issue anymore. I/we are introducing the cloud storage!

About the cloud storage

Cloud storage is saving databases on remote servers. You should find out the right location for these servers.

Some enterprises undertake their backup plan in the US, but if their businesses have to follow the EU Data Protection laws, they need to adjust the EU-based servers.

Also, cloud storage is a new term for managing database storage through a hosted network. Typically, this network is the Internet-based service.

Top 6 The Best Cloud Storage Providers In The World

You have a lot of choices when finding yourself the best cloud storage provider. Let’s see which one meets your requirements!

There is no doubt that the cloud storage service helps the businesses as well as an individual a lot. In fact, when clouds for data storage becomes a trend, people have trusted this service. It not only offers you the various options in the storage memory, but also guarantees the high security and convenience. As a result, you don’t need the heavy physical hardwares anymore.

However, users are likely to be put among the vast areas of many cloud providers. Therefore, you must take care in choosing a provider which gives you the option that belongs to your needs. It’s not easy because there are many providers in the market place. In this article, we would like to introduce some prestige cloud storage providers which are trusted by most of users throughout the world. From these, you can choose which provider is the most suitable for your business.

1. Dropbox

Simple interface inside a Dropbox account running on the web
Free storage: 2 GB.
Payment: $ 10/ month or $ 100/ year for 1 TB.

AWS, Azure, and Google – Which one is the Best for You?

When it comes to the cloud storage, you should consider one of three service providers – AWS, Azure, and Google. Which one should you use?

AWS, Azure, and Google are the software giants on the cloud computing market; especially when you want to use public IaaS cloud computing. Each vendor has several selections for all clients to choose from the cloud storage. Therefore, this is the reason you should discover more information about these enterprises. Keep on reading!

AWS, Azure, and Google – What should you prefer? 

One of the most popular use cases for public IaaScloud computing is the storage, and this is a good reason to take into account.

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